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EXPIRED: Please click here to see the most recent discounts and prices for
Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay tickets for 2014.

There are a couple of ways to get discount tickets for the Columbus Zoo or Zoombezi Bay if you’re planning to go this summer!

SOLD OUT: Get 4 tickets for $26.00, plus shipping of $3.80.  You must allow 7-10 days for shipping or pay $11.30 for 1-2 day shipping.  Tickets are good through 12/31/10. Quantities may be limited – if you plan to go to the Zoo this Summer, buy now!

SOLD OUT: Family 4-pack of tickets to Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay Water Park for only $90 (save 50%).  Shipping is $7 for 7-10 days, and $14.50 for 1-2 days
Columbus Zoo – expires 12/31/10
Zoombezi Bay – expires 9/6/10

Central Ohio Kroger Stores are selling discounted tickets to Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay.  I haven’t checked on the amount of the discount, but surely its a few bucks per ticket.

Kroger Reward Incentive – June only:  Buy $20 worth of any combination of Kroger Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt products in a single transaction and a Catalina Coupon will print at the checkout for 1 free child admission for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium or Zoombezi Bay!

Please don’t leave questions in the comments on this post - click here to go to the 2011 discount page.

  36 Responses to “Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay Discounts”

  1. I was wondering if the family four tickets are for both columbus zoo and zoombezi bay or one or the other.

  2. It was for both, but has since sold out. I’ll update the post.

  3. Are there any discounts available for 2011 for Zoombezi Bay?

  4. Not that I’ve found yet – I’ll post when I do!

  5. Do you know if season passes offer a child price and adult price or just one price or all?

  6. I’m not sure – you should check the Zoo website.

  7. I am taking 12 people to Zoombezi Bay this Summer 6/2011. Wouldn’t you know that you can only get a discount from the park if you have 15 people. If I don’t find discounts somewhere it will cost us $347.88 for 1 day. Where can I get discounts??

  8. Wow – a discount would really be helpful! I haven’t found any discounts yet this year – hopefully closer to when it opens for the season. I’ll post as soon as I do!

  9. i thought zoombezi bay had FAMILY season passes. Anybody know?

  10. I just looked and it doesn’t appear that they do. That’s weird considering the Zoo does.

  11. I plan on getting zoombeezie bay tickets at krogers for a family of 5. I just want to make sure before I show up to the zoombeezie bay and zoo that my tickets for zoombeezie bay will also get me into the zoo. anyone know for sure?

  12. G, Zoombezi Bay tickets do get you into the Zoo on the same day – I went last week, so I can confirm this. You may want to make sure Kroger is offering the discount tickets for 2011, as this post was for the 2010 season and I haven’t checked to see if Kroger has a discount again.

  13. zoombezi bay season tickets are 74.00per person if you have a zoo season pass if not its 84.00. just confirmed with them on phone directly today.

  14. Thanks!

  15. is krogers offering the tickets to zoombezibay that gets u into the zoombezibay and the zoo

  16. I see in many questions, is kroger offering tickets for Zoombezibay – that is my question also, we are trying to go over the 4th of July.

  17. I haven’t found a confirmation on kroger (or any) discounts for single day Zoombezi Bay tickets for the 2011 season – has anyone else?

  18. Krogers has Zoombezi Bay tickets for 28.99 normally 32.99 and they are good for zoo as well…

  19. Thanks Denise!

  20. Does Kroger offer discount tickets for the zoo only? If so, how much are they?

  21. Does Kroger really offer Zoombezi bay tickets for $28.99? Can you use this for the zoo the next day?If not does Kroger sell Zoo tickets too? Never been to either place and we are planning to go to both.

  22. You would have to visit the Zoo on the same day as Zoombezi Bay to use the same ticket.

  23. If you have a AAA membership you can get adult tickets for Zoombezi Bay for 25.00 and Kids are 22.00

  24. Thanks Marissa!

  25. There is a coupon on schwebels hot dog buns for free child with purchase of adult ticket. Age 2-9. We just bought 3 packs of buns….we will eat hot dogs all week. Big savings!

  26. Thanks for sharing the deal! That is an awesome deal! Hot dog buns freeze pretty well too, so stock up!

  27. Are the coupons on the hotdog buns for the zoo or zoombezi bay? I’d like to know ASAP because i’m about to go on a bun shopping spree if its for the waterpark :)

  28. I’m guessing for the zoo, considering the waterpark is a lot more expensive…

  29. I am looking for discount 2011 tickets for zoombezi bay for 2 adults and one child. PLease help. I’m a single mother and would like to take my son and a friend at the lowest possible cost!!

  30. i have question i have paper from work that i could get discount ticket for only up to six people i was wondering if i could get more people in i have 16 people in my family my children and grandchildren and a daughter in law and 2 son and law

  31. You would have to call the zoo – I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

  32. is there any way to get a zoombezi bay cup without goin to the zoo had a cup but got ruinin by hot water

  33. I have no idea – you should contact zoombezi bay. Or maybe post that you want one on craigslist?

  34. Does Kroger offer discount tickets for the zoo only? If so, how much are they?

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