Nov 232009

turkeyI compiled a page with restaurants that will be open in Columbus, Ohio on Thanksgiving this year for those who don’t celebrate the holiday traditionally or would rather go out to eat.  Click in the Restaurant Holiday Hours page or here for details.  Please let me know if you are aware of any others so that I made add them to the list.

I also will be posting for Christmas Eve and Christmas soon.

  5 Responses to “Columbus Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving”

  1. What great information! Does this mean I can skip the holiday and go to the China Dynasty buffet and then go watch The Blindside and not have to travel and deal with rushing around? Hmm…I’m considering it :)

  2. Absolutely! I hear it’s a great buffet! But then you’d miss Niles…

  3. Great list! The Dispatch’s list was small and not as informative. Thanks for taking the time for those of us that scurry at the last moment to sure up plans:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I believe Home Town Buffet is open also.

  5. Thanks! I think you’re right!

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